Exhibition Opening Friday, 27th July 19:00

Opening hours: SAT 28th & SUN 29th 14:00-19:00 and by appointment





Sketch of Sketch

Group exhibition by

Chen Guan Hong, Yuyen Lin-Woywod, Andara Shastika


The practice of art-making is an entire cycle. From initial conception to production/materialization, to in/formal contextualization, to presentation, and further to re-contextualization, to reproduction, to representation, to … [∞]. Despite its solid materiality, the meaning of an artwork will be tested, reconditioned, and improvised every time it is put in a different time, space, and framework. Every time it is encountered by different bearers of sense organs.


"Sketch of Sketch” puts individual works and group exhibition in this relation: a1 ⇄ a2; ‘a1' is the sketch of ‘a2', which is the sketch of ‘a1', […] and ‘sketch’ can be used to designate both 'individual work' and 'group exhibition' interchangeably.


In so doing, it may and may not instil a shared language that all works are speaking. It may and may not generate an extemporaneous whole. It may and may not change the self-containment of every single work while granting them new contexts.


An exhibited work is never a final product but a sketch for the next, which is in turn a sketch for another. Even in the moment of presentation, every artwork–and the opinion of the artist that is embedded in it–is always a sketch of a sketch. The practice of art-making is an entire cycle.